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7 Best Bed Frames for Purple Mattress (Review)

We reviewed the best Purple bed frames, foundations, box springs, headboards, and adjustable bases to see which fitted best with the Purple Mattress.

Purple Foundation
Purple Platform Bed Frame
The Purple PowerBase

Purple Mattress provides comfortable products for both your bedroom and on the go!

After purchasing this mattress, you’ll want the best bed frame for Purple you can get.

We reviewed over 15 Purple bed frames and narrowed the list down to the 7 best so you can easily choose your favorite. Keep reading to find the best options in our purple bed frame review.

A Close Look at Purple Bed Frames

Most people don’t think about bed frames in too much detail. They’re simply additional parts of their nightly sleep setups just like mattresses are. Although you may not think too much about bed frames and all that they do, the reality is that they’re a big part of any good night’s sleep.

Purple Foundation

Purple Foundation

The Purple Foundation is an upholstered bed frame that has the strength and simple design of a platform base. It is the best king size bed frame for the purple mattress, since it is a beautiful base that is very easy to put together.

This product has been tested to hold up to 2,000 pounds. The frame is made with steel construction, high-density polyethylene support slats, wooden legs, and the upholstery cover is 100% polyester and machine-washable.

With the headboard attachments included and a simple setup that only takes a few minutes to assemble, this Foundation is a hassle-free purchase. On top of that, it also has a 5-year warranty, a 30-day return policy, and free shipping to all 48 contiguous states.

As you can see from the image below, the Purple Mattress Foundation is available in two colors: Stone Grey and Natural.

It is available in two different colors: Stone Grey + Natural Finish Wood Legs and Charcoal Grey + Walnut Finish Wood Legs. The Purple Foundation is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal. King sizes.

This bed frame in the smallest size, Twin, weighs 42.3 pounds. On the other side of the weight spectrum in the Cal. King size, this frame weighs 72.2 pounds.

Colors that are available:

  1. Stone Grey + Natural Finish Wood Legs
  2. Charcoal Grey + Walnut Finish Wood Legs

Prices, Dimensions, and Weight vary based on the size:

Size Price Dimensions Weight
Twin $379 39” x 75” x 17” 42.3 lb
Full $429 54” x 75” x 17” 55.0 lb
Queen $449 60” x 80” x 17” 77.44 lb
King $499 76” x 80” x 17” 72.6 lb
Cal. King $499 72” x 84” x 17” 72.2 lb

The Purple Foundation is designed with 6 long and sturdy metal boards that are built to keep you and your mattress supported at night.

Purple Mattress Foundation

Overall, the Purple Foundation is an upholstered bed frame that is very strong while being simple to put together. It is perfect for those with a tight budget.

Purple Platform Bed Frame

Purple Platform Bed Frame

The Purple Platform Bed Frame, also known as the “Purple Platform Base” or “Purple Mattress Platform”, is a simple, cheap, and sturdy metal frame. The main benefit is that it’s made and sold by Purple, so you can be certain it’ll go well with any of Purple’s mattresses.

If you purchase a Purple mattress, we highly recommend buying the Purple Platform Bed Frame to support it. This lightweight frame is easy to setup, move, and keeps your mattress supported all night long.

We really like that it is on the affordable side of the price spectrum, especially since it is built with such high-quality materials. This frame is known to be simple, strong, and storage-friendly.

Purple Platform Bed Frame

Our Favorite Features:

  • Can be bought directly from Purple
  • Best for those on a budget
  • Goes well with any Purple mattress
  • High quality Purple mattress stand
  • Easy to setup
  • Tested to hold up to 2,000 pounds

Purple Platform Base Dimensions

The dimensions of this product vary based on the size:

Size Dimensions
Twin 39” x 75” x 14”
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 14”
Full 54” x 75” x 14”
Queen 60” x 80” x 14”
King 76” x 80” x 14”
Cal. King 72” x 84” x 14”

As you can see from the image below, this frame is made with strong steel parts that keep it sturdy and supportive for many years.

Purple Platform Bed Frame Parts

Purple Mattress Platform

This bed frame is a great budget-friendly frame that will support your bed for many years.

Purple Twin Bed Frame

The Purple Bed Frame in the Twin size is the most affordable option. It is priced at $139 with a 1-year warranty, and is a risk-free purchase.

Purple Queen Bed Frame

The Purple Bed Frame in the Queen size is a supportive frame perfect for queen size mattresses. It is built to support your bed for many years.

Purple King Bed Frame

The Purple King Bed Frame is a heavy-duty frame that will support your king size mattress all night long.

The Purple PowerBase

The Purple PowerBase

The Purple PowerBase is a high tech adjustable bed frame. We think it is the best adjustable base for the Purple Mattress. It comes with a remote so you can adjust the base to be at any position you like. The Purple PowerBase is known for being very easy to adjust.

It has cool features including resonant-frequency massage which is great for relaxing and sleeping comfortably after a long day. This adjustable base gives you complete customizing power. Whether you want to watch TV after a long day or get some work done, this base is built to keep you comfortable.

We really liked the zero-gravity feature. When we reviewed the feature, it actually felt like we were in space. The Purple PowerBase is known for the zero-gravity feature and many customers highly recommend this frame for others to purchase.

Purple PowerBase

Best Features of This Bed Frame:

  • Can be bought directly from Purple
  • Not crazy expensive for an adjustable bed base
  • Easy to adjust bed into a position for reading
  • iPhone can be a remote for the bed
  • Under-bed lighting
  • 20-year limited warranty
  • You can preset your favorite positions

This base also works with nearly any mattress, not just the Purple mattress. Below you’ll find the sizes, dimensions, weight, price, and colors of the Purple PowerBase.

Purple PowerBase Specs

Size Dimensions Weight Price Color
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 7.11” 114 lbs $1399 Gray
Queen 60” x 80” x 7.11” 144 lbs $1499 Gray
King 76” x 80” x 7.11” 114 lbs (x2) $2798 Gray
Split King 76” x 80” x 7.11” 114 lbs (x2) $2798 Gray

Purple Mattress Headboard

Purple Mattress Headboard

The Home Life Premiere Cloth Headboard is a linen platform bed with slats. Made of premium polyester linen, this headboard and base provides sturdy support. It comes in a variety of shades to fill the décor of any space.

With sturdy wooden slats that allow for better support, this platform base doesn’t require a box spring. The modern design is perfect for a variety of bedroom styles. Also, the headboard is great for the Purple mattress.

This bed frame and headboard is made to be used with your Purple mattress for many reasons. Since it has a modern and simple design, it will last you many years of comfortable sleep and a supportive foundation. We really liked how easy this platform base and headboard was to put assemble.

Platform Base and Headboard For Purple Mattress

This product is known for its affordable price tag and it’s high-quality materials. We enjoyed its simple yet modern design. It is made with premium polyester linen and the solid design provides sturdy support while you rest.

Product Specs

  • Color: Grey
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • Material: Fabric
  • Brand: Home Life
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • Assembly Required: Yes
Size Dimensions
Twin 76.5” x 55.5” x 51”
Full 85” x 64” x 51”
Queen 89” x 69” x 51”
King 89” x 85” x 51”

Purple Mattress Base

Purple Mattress Base

The Purple Mattress Base is a platform bed frame that is simple, strong, and easy to store.

It is simple to setup, very sturdy, and has lots of under-bed storage space. It’s great for anyone who needs extra storage space or anyone who wants a hassle-free mattress base for their Purple bed.

This lightweight and affordable bed frame is proven to hold over 2,000 pounds and has polypropylene joint buffers to help prevent squeaking noises. Also, this mattress base has a 1 year risk-free warranty, free shipping, and it comes with headboard attachments.

Purple Mattress Base Structure and design

We really liked that it has such a user-friendly design that makes using it simple. We’re not the only ones that recommend this frame. With over 4,900 happy customer reviews, thousands of people recommend this modern bed frame for others.

Size Dimensions
Twin 39” x 75” x 14”
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 14”
Full 54” x 75” x 14”
Queen 60” x 80” x 14”
King 76” x 80” x 14”
Cal. King 72” x 84” x 14”

Purple Bunkie-Board

Purple Bunkie-Board

Bunkie boards are necessary for any low-profile bed where you would rather not add height to it using a box spring.

A bunkie board can be used with a box spring, platform bed, or an older foundation to properly support the weight of the mattress.

Despite these benefits, bunkie boards usually don’t last the entire mattress life. However, this easy to setup bunkie board has a 2 inch wood foundation tan that keeps your mattress properly supported at night.

It is made of high-quality fabric and is currently available in three sizes: Twin, Full, and Queen. All of these sizes are sold on the affordable side of the pricing spectrum. When we reviewed this with the Purple Mattress and the Purple Platform Base, we slept comfortably the entire night.

Purple Mattress Base Structure and design

This bunkie board isn’t very heavy but also not very lightweight, so we recommend getting help from your friend or family member when assembling this bunkie board. However, the weight largely depends on the size you will choose. Check the table below to find the specific sizes for this product.

Overall, we highly recommend this bunkie board by Coaster Home Furnishings because it is easy to setup, keeps your mattress supported, and is affordable.

Bunkie Board Specs

Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 74 x 0.02 x 2 inches 80 pounds
Full 74 x 0.02 x 2 inches 40 pounds
Queen 80 x 0.02 x 2 inches 136 pounds

Purple Mattress Box Spring

Purple Mattress Box Spring

Unless your bed frame has slats for support, a box spring is not needed. For the best use of the Purple Mattress, having a strong base is recommended. However, you don’t have to use a box spring.

We recommend using the Purple Platform Bed Frame. The PowerBase Adjustable Bed Frame works great as well. The Purple mattress is best when it has a strong and supportive base.

Purple Headboard Attachment

While there’s no official headboard from Purple for purple bed frames, Amazon has a great selection of headboards that should be compatible with your bed frame, assuming the dimensions match.

Purple Platform Base vs Zinus

The Purple Platform Base and the Zinus Smartbase are essentially the same thing. The Purple Platform Base is known to be simple, strong, and storage friendly. While the Zinus Smartbase is known for its affordable price and heavy duty design and frame.

What exactly are bed frames, anyway?

If you can’t clearly define the concept of a bed frame, then you most likely won’t be able to identify it on your own. Bed frames, in a nutshell, are the components of beds that are used for foundation and mattress positioning purposes.

These frames for the most part are produced using either metal or wood. If you purchase a bed frame, it will come with side rails, a foot and, last but definitely not least, a head. “Bedstead” is another common name for it.

Bed frames are nothing brand new at all. The concept of the bed frame has basically been around since people have been going to sleep. People have wanted bed frameworks for superior relaxation levels basically since the beginning of time.

In the beginning of the Neolithic age, people may have simply dug holes in the ground to accommodate their beds. They may have been been more elaborate by elevating stones for the same exact purpose.

Purple Mattress Foundation In Two Colors

Once that era was complete, it didn’t take long for people to test out wooden frames that were equipped with ropes for support. They started to gain significant traction in all different parts of the globe. This paved the way for bed frames that are a lot like those that are readily available in stores in this day and age.

Modern mattresses that seem familiar to use haven’t been ubiquitous for long. People only started using them at some point during the nineteenth century. That’s why bed frames for so long didn’t have to do much at all. They merely had to manage dense and substantial pads that were brimming with things like wool, cotton, feathers, straw and grass.

Things are nothing like they used to be for people who are looking for a little sleep support. That’s because consumers lately can pick between a dizzying array of bed frames that offer comprehensive and unwavering support. They can pick between a dazzling range of bed frames that provide them with features that are suitable for storage. There are all sorts of bed frame size categories available, too.

What Goes Into a Five-Star Bed Frame?

It’s critical to grasp the primary function of a bed frame. Beyond that, it’s crucial to be able to recognize a bed frame that epitomizes excellence. There are so many options in bed frames out there these days. The last thing you want to do is make the mistake of purchasing one that for whatever reason just isn’t up to par. Nothing matters more than being able to sleep comfortably and properly in the P.M. hours.

Purple Mattress Foundation

If you want to be able to pinpoint quality choices in bed frames, then it can be helpful for you to learn about materials options that abound now. Things are nothing like they were in the days of elevated stones and smooth soil.

Most bed frame brands these days rely on many diverse materials that accomplish more than offering support. That’s because these materials simultaneously make bed frames look a lot more appealing.

People tend to gravitate to bed frames that have the ability to complement their bedroom interior design schemes in general. That’s why they’re so easily accessible in many eye-catching styles.

Metal frameworks aren’t difficult to find. They are commonly seen as powerful cores for different materials. They sometimes work on their own, too. It’s not hard to find stainless steel and brass options that highlight metalwork. They’re never excessively big, either. Metal frames in many cases work seamlessly in conjunction with nearby furnishings in bedrooms.

Best Bed Frames for purple mattress

Wooden Bed Frames & Headboards

Wood is a biggie in the bed frame realm, and with strong reasoning. There are many contemporary bedding approaches that strive to emulate building materials that were staples in the past. There’s no disputing that wood continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the frame world.

You can easily score footboards, headboards and panels that are made out of pure wood. Although wood bed frames are often considered to be extremely desirable, they can cost a bit more than some other options. Some people opt for manufactured wood replacements like both particle board and pressed wood.

Platform Base and Headboard For Purple Mattress

These choices involve the use of scraps of wood. Manufacturers that utilize particle board and pressed wood for all intents and purposes save wood that’s seen as waste. They rely on glue as a means of connecting scraps of wood and making powerful and resilient boards that can easily stand the test of time.

They in many cases top these boards using vinyl that replicates the vibe of wood grain that’s natural. This tends to cost a lot less than purchasing wood that’s solid.

Leather & Fabric Bed Frames

Leather and fabric are gaining significant traction in the universe of bed frames. Synthetic leather is gaining a lot of traction in it as well. People can easily come across these materials in sideboard, footboard and head applications.

People appreciate the fact that these kinds of materials can contribute to interior design schemes that look and feel updated and modern. It’s imperative to note that fabric calls for a base that’s particularly sturdy and tough. Plywood bases often work well for fabric.

We recommend you to check out our new review of the best leather bed frames. We also recently reviewed the best fabric bed frames to help you easily choose your favorite. We also recently tested the best king size bed frames to help you know which king size bed frames are the most supportive.

Leather Bed Frame

After you zero in on bed frame materials that are on hand, you can then put time into evaluating beloved style categories. People can basically pick between endless bed frame style classifications nowadays.

If you have a bedroom that’s on the cramped and tight side, then you may want to look into folding frames. These kinds of bed frames aren’t just helpful for people who are dealing with lack of space. That’s because they can also help people who want to be able to invite guests over to stay in their homes overnight.

Folding Bed Frame

Trundle bed frames are remarkably convenient as well. These frames go under bigger frames. People can elevate them, too. Trundle bed frames can pave the way for extra interior design space. Storing them is a piece of cake. They can even work like a charm for people who want to easily and rapidly transform twin beds into full ones.

Daybeds are yet another exciting option available to people who are exploring all of their choices meticulously. People appreciate the fact that daybeds can tackle multiple functions. They can rely on them during the day any time they simply feel like sitting down and taking it easy. Daybeds can also be ideal for sleeping when it gets dark outside.

People who are searching for sleep products that are suitable for the nighttime alone may want to look into all of their options in sleigh beds, panel beds and platform beds. Sleigh beds, in brief, are reminiscent of timeless sleighs thanks to the appearances of their footboards and heads.

Choosing the Best Purple Bed Frame

It’s clear as day now that establishing a rock-solid nightly sleep arrangement calls for a lot more than simply getting your hands on a first-rate mattress. Although it’s indeed vital to secure the ideal mattress, it’s generally only the first step.

Once you get your mattress, then you need to complement it with a top-notch bed frame, no two ways about it. Our team members have taken the time to meticulously evaluate many bed frames that are on the market right now.

We have penned comprehensive reviews of all of the finest ones around. Our aim in this was and is to make it a piece of cake for you to complete your frame selection.

How To Make a Rock-Solid Choice

Our exhaustive reviews can give you the details that are necessary to make informed bed frame purchase choices with all of the confidence in the world. Beyond that, there are also numerous helpful suggestions that can do a lot for people who wish to steer clear of bed frame selection mistakes.

If you want to select a frame without any regrets, then there are certain things that you can do. Before you do anything else, you should consider the size of your mattress. This is vital for people who do not have bed frames that can be adjusted. You should purchase a bed frame that works in conjunction with your frame, plain and simple.

You should contemplate how much space you have to work with inside of your bedroom. If you have a particularly spacious bedroom, then it may naturally open you up to certain frame options.

Purple Mattress Base

Ask yourself whether you have special storage requirements. Although there are an abundance of beds that permit storage below, there are just as many out there that do not. There are some beds that come equipped with storage that’s built-in.

Bed frames understandably often differ in the price department. It’s easy to find high-end bed frames that cost a bit more. It’s just as easy to find more basic ones that are a lot more economical as well. If you opt to buy a bed frame that has a straightforward and basic design approach, then it may be pretty inexpensive.

Note, too, that you often have the option to update a bed frame that’s basic in appearance at a later time. If you purchase a particularly intricate and involved bed frame option off the bat, then it may provide you with years and years of dependable use. The right bed frame may be more than worth its price tag.

Don’t forget to think about the things that make you tick. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary at home, after all. You should aim to find a bed frame that ticks off all of your boxes.

Don’t forget that you ideally should be in your bed for a minimum of eight full hours on a nightly basis. The last thing you want is to settle for a mattress or a frame that’s lacking in comfort, reliability and visual appeal.

The Benefits of Having a Sturdy Bed Frame

You should never assume that bed frames are antiquated or unnecessary, because that honestly couldn’t be further from the truth. The advantages of bed frames are plentiful as can be. That’s why they’ve been traditions in cozy bedrooms all around the world for a lot longer than most people can grasp.

The right bed frame, first and foremost, can give you the gift of matchless support at night. It doesn’t matter how top-notch your mattress is. A mattress on its own cannot hold a candle to a bed frame in the support arena.

If you invest in a fine bed frame, then it will give your box spring a firm place to stay. It won’t end up scraping your flooring at all, either.

Lack of a bed frame can make any bedroom look a little empty and lifeless. If you secure a five-star bed frame, then it can introduce a degree of flair to your sleep space. People who want to “accessorize” their sleep areas without having to spend an arm and a leg often go for visually enticing bed frames.

People who are familiar with the Feng Shui world often appreciate the concept of bed frames. Feng shui principles stress the value of elevating the bed off the ground at all times. The purpose behind elevating it is to stimulate positive flow of energy.

It’s to stimulate excellent circulation as well. It insinuates that allowing a bed to remain close to the ground can minimize beneficial energy. It insinuates that it can introduce energy that’s actually detrimental, too.

Investing in a bed frame can do a lot for people who want their sleeping spaces to basically epitomize cheer, well-being and pure serenity.

A bed frame, last but certainly not least, can help you keep your precious bedroom neat and devoid of clutter. That’s because a bed frame can give you sufficient space to safeguard everything from seasonal apparel items to extra comforters that you barely ever use.

If you no longer want to have to constantly deal with tripping over miscellaneous items all over your bedroom floor, then you should check out all of your amazing bed frame options without a second of hesitation.

Reading our reviews can help you figure out which specific bed frame may take your living space to the next tier. Our bed frame reviews are all exhaustive and sincere as can be.

Best Features of Purple Mattress

Every mattress has been made with revolutionary technology unlike any other mattress in the market, and each product was developed using hardcore science skills and practice.

The Purple Mattress has been labeled as the most comfortable mattress science has to offer because of its mind-blowing personalized comfort.

In addition to this, the Purple Mattress has been around since the 1970s, so there have been many improvements and adjustments made throughout the years to make the mattress perfect.

The main features of the Purple Mattress:

  • The pressure-relieving comfort that allows you to take pressure off of your body while you are sleeping
  • The dual-layer foam base that lets you sleep in any position you want because it supports your body’s natural contour
  • The breathable open grid design that never lets your body sweat in bed

Check this video if you want to see how Purple Mattress is made:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions asked about the Purple Mattress.

Does The Purple Mattress Need A Box Spring?

No, box springs aren’t ideal for supporting Purple Mattresses because of the way they’re built. Since the Purple mattress isn’t an innerspring, it needs a flat and supportive base to rest on, a box spring isn’t the right fit for it.

A strong and sturdy base is when it is built with supportive materials that are solid and won’t break when being used. Usually, strong bases are made of metal. A great base that is made of metal is the Mellow Rocky Base Platform Heavy Duty Bed.

On the other hand, a wooden slatted bed is usually less expensive than a bed with metal slats. A great wooden slatted bed is the Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Solid Wood Platform Bed. Also, as a wooden slatted bed gets used more and more, it may bend or break under the weight of the mattress.

On top of that, too much sagging will affect your sleep position and comfort. Purple recommends their Adjustable Bed Frame to keep your bed comfortable and supported while you rest.

What is a Bed Frame?

A bed frame is a foundation that supports you and your mattress while you sleep. Bed frames are commonly made of wood, metal, or fabric and leather. None of these materials are better or worse, but they all make the look and feel of your bedroom different.

Does the Purple Mattress need special sheets?

Yes, you should look for sheets that are flexible and easily stretch. Sheets like these are comfortable, enjoyable, and great for using with the Purple Mattress. For even more comfort, try sheets that are made from natural materials (cotton or bamboo).

What kind of bed frame do you need for a Purple mattress?

For a Purple mattress, you need a strong and supportive bed frame. We recommend the Purple Foundation because it is very easy to assemble. It has been tested to hold up to 2,000 pounds and is made with steel construction and high-density polyethylene support slats.

Can you put a Purple mattress on a regular bed frame?

Yes, the Purple mattress on a regular bed frame works great. Just make sure to choose a bed frame that is recommended by the experts. We recommend Zinus bed frames, since they are made with high-quality materials and have nice designs.

How long does a Purple mattress last?

The Purple mattress should last between 7 to 10 years of comfortable sleep. Purple designs their mattresses to stay comfortable for many years, and their beds shouldn’t sag the same way some mattresses made of memory foam are known to do.

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