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5 Best King Size Bed Frames In The World

We reviewed over 50 king size bed frames to see which were the best bang for their buck. If you're looking for the best king size bed frame, keep reading.

The Purple Foundation
Meridian Furniture Modern King Size Bed Frame
Puffy Bed Frame (King Size)

There are plenty of king size bed frames you can buy, but how do you know which one is right for your bedroom?

If you’re on the search for an affordable and durable king size bed frame, you’ve come to the right place.

Today we’ll show you 5 king bed frames that can suit you and your mattress perfectly.

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The Purple Foundation

The Purple Foundation


This bed frame is upholstered. It’s a base that has supports that are made out of high-density polyethylene. It has joints that are reinforced using nylon, too. It even comes with wood legs that have natural and effortless finishes. Its frame is made out of steel. The upholstery cover is made entirely out of polyester.


The design of this base is minimalistic and streamlined. Since it has a modest and basic appearance, it can make a welcome addition to bedrooms that feature all kinds of diverse interior design schemes.


People can store smaller things below the bed.


There are many things that make this bed so impressively powerful. Its frame is made out of dependable steel, first of all.

It has joints that are reinforced using reliable nylon. Its supports are made out of impressive high-density polyethylene. This foundation is capable of accommodating a maximum of 2,000 pounds in total. Tests have verified that, too.


Assembling this foundation is a breeze. It’s also a speedy process. It’s a job that calls for several minutes of your time. Other tools aren’t required at all, either.


People can choose between appealing stone gray and charcoal gray colors. They can also opt for walnut finishes for the legs.


This is a sleek and cool bed frame that can work well in all kinds of residential spaces. It has supports that can be great for stability. It has space for ample storage, too. People who use this bed can store linens, attire and books right underneath it as they wish.

Meridian Furniture Modern King Size Bed Frame

Meridian Furniture Modern King Size Bed Frame


This upholstered bed is all about soft and smooth plush velvet. It has chrome legs. It even has chrome nailhead trim to its credit. Its frame is made out of solid wood, too.


It has a modern design that can work well in bedrooms regardless of style. It has a deep tufted design that plays well with lush velvet. It has a stunning wing bed design that works harmoniously alongside chrome nailhead nuances that were put on manually as well.


There isn’t much clearance under the bed. That’s why it’s not the best choice for people who are searching for ample storage room.


Its stainless steel legs give it unrivaled strength. The same thing applies to its wood frame. It has full slats and because of that does not call for the use of a box spring.


Buyers receive all supplies and tools that are essential for assembly. Assembly is a pretty quick and stress-free process.


Color options include navy blue, cream, gray and even pink.


This updated velvet bed can infuse your bedroom with sophistication and practicality at the same time. It has tailored chrome legs for support and stability. It has a wood frame that can keep issues with weakness and wobbling at bay as well. Its wing design is memorable and enduring.

Puffy Bed Frame (King Size)

Puffy Bed Frame (King Size)


This is a bed frame that is equipped with a foundation that’s made out of wood. It utilizes first-class wooden slats that can provide any mattress with a core that offers a substantial degree of support. It’s an upholstered product that revolves around a smooth cloth. It has a fabric headboard that has an equally smooth texture.


This king bed frame has a design that is minimalistic, clean and simple in feel. Since it has a basic and updated design concept, it can work well in bedrooms that cover many aesthetic categories. It accommodates all kinds of color ideas well.


There is no room under the bed for any kind of storage requirement.


This product has a wooden foundation that epitomizes strength. The wooden slats give mattresses bases that are highly supportive and dependable. The frame was designed with pure longevity in mind. It features first-class hardware that can keep it intact and dependable for years on end.


People can assemble this king bed in the comfort of their own homes all by themselves. They can do so easily as well. It appears on doorsteps with a comprehensive assembly guide that’s a cinch to grasp. Assembly is fast.


The cloth has an enticing neutral gray color that’s cool in feel. It can blend in effortlessly with all kinds of interior design color pathways.


This is a bed frame that feels like the wave of the future. It can be an ideal option for people who are searching high and low for bed frames that do not squeak incessantly.

It can be an ideal option for fans of sophisticated and visually enticing stitching. It has a contemporary and cool style that can work well in bedrooms that span many design classifications.

Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth King Size Bed Frame

Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth King Size Bed Frame


This platform bed is a polyester linen favorite. It has a powerful wood build. Its upholstered headboard is actually a combination of linens. The slats are made out of wood.


This is a streamlined and straightforward bed that can function as a focal point for bedrooms of all kinds. Its headboard design is updated and fresh. It has a contemporary outline that is brought to life by metal studs and tufted button highlights galore. It can flatter bedrooms that take on all types of design strategies.


This isn’t considered a storage bed.


It has wooden slats that bring a lot of power to the equation. It has a powerful build in general. The slats keep all concerns about squeaking, sliding and wobbling away.


Assembly is in no way, shape or form difficult or lengthy. Box springs aren’t necessary at all. The bed shows up in a couple of separate boxes.


This product is made in a pale gray silvery linen.


This is king size bed that covers so many bases. It has slats that basically define reliability and strength. It has all sorts of intricate and unforgettable design elements including metal studs, too. This is a frame that can work wonders in bedrooms that span many design categories.

Classics Brands Coventry King Size Platform Bed

Classics Brands Coventry King Size Platform Bed


This is a king size platform bed that involves materials like both metal and wood. Since it’s upholstered, it involves a lot of linen, too. It has a frame and headboard that are upholstered. It has a wood slat foundation on its side.


Its design is enduring, streamlined and neat as can be. It has dowelled legs that are made out of solid wood. It has a headboard that has a rectangular form. Its smooth linen upholstery features button tufting and diamond stitching.


This bed has some room for storage underneath. Users can store clothing, books, linens and anything else along those lines.


Its wood slat foundation is the epitome of strong. Its center support boosts its strength factor substantially. Its dowelled legs are solid wood additions that contribute further to reliability and resilience.


This item shows up inside of a neat package that isn’t large or awkward. It can get inside tight stairways, hallways and front doors with ease. Box springs aren’t essential. Putting this product together is fast and simple as can be.


Color choices for this frame are gray and pale gray.


This upholstered platform bed can make bedrooms of all varieties look and feel a lot more refined and dignified. It’s brimming with all sorts of design wonders including diamond stitching. It doesn’t call for the cooperation of a box spring, either. It has dowelled legs that were constructed using solid wood.

Which king size bed frame should you buy?

No one on the planet can deny that purchasing a brand new king bed is a pretty intimidating thing.

It can be daunting to have to purchase a bed of any size. It can be especially daunting to have to purchase one that’s king-size.

If you want to make a sensible king bed purchase decision, then you have to approach everything with prudence. New beds aren’t a joke. They influence the style of your sleeping space. They at the same time also influence your bank account.

Households generally buy new beds in intervals of 10 full years or so. If you’re thinking seriously about getting a new bed, then you have to do your best to cover all sorts of relevant bases.

It’s up to you to secure a bed that makes you feel at ease. It’s up to you to secure a bed that you’ll feel enthusiastic about using on a nightly basis for a minimum of 10 full years or so, too.

People who want to learn the ins and outs of shopping for king-size bed frames should stay put.

They should assess our comprehensive king bed frame purchase guide right here. We have penned a good number of relevant and thorough reviews that can be a huge help to people who have concerns that involve finding and buying king beds.

People opt to get their hands on king beds for many reasons. Some people simply want more room in times of rest.

Some people have sleeping partners who take over a significant amount of bed “real estate” all night long. Some people simply are in the mood for changes in their sleep environments.

If you want to purchase a king-size bed frame without any reservations or regrets, then looking into our reviews can help get your mind jogging. It can help you figure out exactly what you need and don’t need out of a future bed as well.

What are King Size Bed Frames?

You shouldn’t even think about shopping for a king bed until you can recognize one in the first place. If you’re able to accurately and extensively describe the nature of a king-size bed frame, then you’re more than ready to move full steam ahead with the purchase of one.

King-size bed frames, first of all, typically have dimensions of 76 inches by 80 inches.

Despite that, it’s not at all uncommon to discover ones that are a tad bigger or smaller.

This is due to the fact that manufacturers in many cases have their own measurement criteria in place. King-size bed frames that fall under this measurement umbrella tend to be beloved by the general public.

That’s due to the fact that they’re sufficiently big for people who like being able to move liberally and without any restrictions during the night hours. These beds can come in particularly handy for people who do not sleep solo.

Beds that are part of this size classification give people the freedom of movement. They can move and not annoy the people who are right next to them. Since king-size beds can make people feel at ease, they’ve been on the rise for quite some time.

Types of King Size Bed Frames

If you’ve made the decision to proceed with a search for a king-size bed, you’re ready to think about frame varieties that are out there right now.

The reality is that bed frame varieties abound in this day and age. People can pick between a vast assortment of exciting and effective bed frame categories. There are frames that have the ability to highlight room design concepts.

There are frames that have the ability to accentuate welcoming design differences of all sorts, too.

You should make a point to get your hands on a frame that doesn’t stand out in an awkward or illogical manner. You should zero in on a frame that seems 100 percent natural in your living space.

Metal Frames

There are some people who care about visual appeal and style. There are others who care primarily about strength.

If you’re a part of the second category, then you may want to look into the dazzling universe of metal frames. Metal frames are accessible in an abundance of fashionable and cool models.

Other frame materials often cannot hold a candle to metal in the choice department.

People can enthusiastically pick between a broad range of metals.

Some examples of these materials are wrought iron, brushed steel, aluminium and brass. These choices are only where things start in the metal frame material division, too.

Upholstered Frames

Headboards that are upholstered tend to have more fans than others do. What exactly is that? It’s simply because they’re associated with the highest degree of relaxation and coziness in times of sleep.

If you zero in on upholstered frames that are particularly smooth in texture, then they may command steeper price tags than others do. Note, though, that standard options are no exception to the marvels of upholstered frames.

Basic options still are made to give people substantial comfort. Upholstered beds tend to be more than worth it to the people who spend their hard-earned dollars on them. They’re ideal for people who are fans of high-end serenity.

These bed frames don’t only revolve around pure comfort, either.

That’s because they can also do a lot for people who wish to upgrade their bedrooms with sophistication and refinement.

Upholstered frames effortlessly match all kinds of bedroom ambiences and design concepts. These kinds of bed frames come in many eye-catching and durable fabrics. Several examples of these fabrics are synthetic leather, velvet, leather, vinyl and even linen.

People who have these kinds of frames often rest their backs right on top of headboards. These headboards basically double as cozy backrests.

These frames are equipped with finishes that come in numerous appealing designs. These designs in many situations involve elements like prints, stitches and buttons. Design choices often go beyond these, too.

Wood Frames

There honestly is no denying that wood is a power player in the world of bed frame choices. King-size bed frames tend to be resilient and tough.

Ones that are constructed using wood are in many cases particularly hard-wearing. There are different things that make wood king-size frames more enticing to consumers, too. Wood choices generally do not cost as much.

King-size bed frames that are composed of materials that aren’t wood are in many cases markedly pricier.

Lower price points aren’t the only boons of wood bed frames, either. These bed frames are made to be visually conspicuous to people who are in the vicinity. They’re made to enhance room design schemes considerably as well.

There are all kinds of wood frame models out there right now. People can easily locate slat, sleigh and panel choices.

Wooden frames are beloved by many due to the fact that they promote cozy and snug residential settings.

If you want to put together a home that basically epitomizes warmth and positivity, then there aren’t many frame materials that can hold a candle to wood.

Bookcase Frames

You may be familiar with the concept of bed frames that are equipped with bookcases. If you’re a bookworm, then the idea of getting one of these may seem interesting to you.

Bookcase frames can actually make fine alternatives for people who want to stay away from bedside tables.

Bookcase frames essentially feature storage spaces or shelves. They can be a significant help to people who are trying their best to conserve precious space.

They can be assets for folks who want to make sure that their alarm clocks and mobile phones are easily and consistently on hand as well.

People who have bookcase frames often rely on them to safeguard their remote controllers, novels and beyond.

Frames that come with bookcases aren’t the only option out there, either. That’s because there are also frames that come with televisions.

These bed frames are meticulously designed and planned. They enable people to place their television sets right below their beds toward the front. These frames can make tackling relaxing television viewing sessions in bed a lot simpler and more pleasant for all.

What To Look For In King Size Bed Frames

You should never make the mistake of assuming that shopping for a king-size bed is a simple or fast thing, because it’s not.

People often consider beds to be critical furniture items. There honestly aren’t many furniture pieces that can hold a candle to them in usefulness.

If you’re in the process of putting a bedroom together, then you should think about your bed prior to doing anything else at all.

Contemplate the frame. If you’re equipped with a frame that just isn’t right or that just isn’t up to par for whatever reason, it can trigger a number of different issues.

If you have a questionable frame, then it honestly won’t give your mattress the support it deserves and requires.

It can be a nightmare scenario to go through all of the hassles of getting a bed frame only to notice it making irritating high-pitched sounds any time you attempt to get a bit of rest at night.

The vast majority of people would just not be okay with that, and quite understandably. Some people classify bed frames as being high-end items of sorts.

If you want to purchase a bed frame with all the smarts in the world, then it can help you to acknowledge that it can compete with your mattress in the value sector. It’s crucial to get your hands on a top-notch mattress. It’s just as crucial to get your hands on a top-notch bed frame.

Slats basically function as bed bases. That’s why you can’t argue just how imperative they are. Slant distance is a big deal.

It can help determine mattress longevity. If your slants are spaced far away from each other, then your mattress may become a lot more susceptible to ripping.

You should try to opt for an opening that does not surpass two and a half inches. If you have an opening that exceeds that distance, then it may harm the condition of your mattress.

Slants are accessible in two separate categories. People can pick between flat and sprung slats.

Flat slants are commonly found in bases that are a lot less costly. They offer support that’s a lot more unwavering.

Sprung slats are a whole other ballgame. They’re equipped with wooden slats that are resilient and that have curled shapes. Dense slats are associated with enhanced mattress support.

Don’t forget to think at length about space matters. Assess the amount of room you have accessible prior to taking any action.

Measure the room that is readily available. Once you do that, then you can evaluate the frame. You should maintain roughly 20 inches of space for any and all walking purposes. It can be optimal to maintain space on the two frame edges. This will contribute to a more capacious and airy vibe for your sleeping area.

Don’t neglect to think about box springs. Box spring foundations can help people who want superior mattress base support in their lives.

Box spring foundations, in short, are sturdy wooden frames that are concealed using cloth. They consist of springs that are made to give mattresses first-rate support.

If you’re on the lookout for a box spring foundation, then it can be wise to opt for one that’s equipped with either legs or a bed frame. This will stop the box spring foundation from ever brushing against the ground.

It’s vital to select base and mattress heights simultaneously. If you want to assess these heights effectively, then you should plop down on the side of your mattress. Assess your hips and your knees. Are they close? If your answer is yes, then it means that you’ve hit on the ideal height and don’t have to continue with anything else there.

It’s vital to zero in on factors that relate to material and style. This is always a personal thing.

A material that works for one person may be objectionable to another. A style that works for one individual may make another person cringe.

This is how it naturally goes. You should contemplate bedroom design concepts in general. You should contemplate carpeting coloring, wall coloring and anything else along those lines.

There are many individuals out there who think that frames that are equipped with headboards are superior. These kinds of bed frames pave the way for in-depth back support. They even contribute to timeless and enduring bedroom atmospheres.

Don’t brush off the concept of making an informed material decision. There are quite a few choices in bed frame materials readily available in this day and age.

People can go for diverse materials such as steel, standard wood, timber, artificial fur, synthetic leather and even bona fide leather. The world is basically brimming with material choices for bed frames.

How To Choose The Best King Size Bed Frame

If you’re thinking seriously about shopping for a king-size bed frame, then you have to plan like a champion.

If you purchase a bed frame of any kind in an impulsive or rash manner, then you may end up seriously regretting things in the near future. It’s vital to give yourself as much time as possible.

Bed frame purchases are not a race or a competition. Bed frames nowadays don’t exactly come cheaply. That’s why it can be a massive mistake to buy one prematurely when you’re not exactly thinking straight.

If you’re committed to the idea of purchasing the ideal king-size bed frame for your bedroom, then you need to make a point to cover any and all of the bases. Don’t leave anything out of the equation.

You should weigh your mattress size. People who have existing mattresses can in many cases cut out many cumbersome tasks.

Picking a new mattress and starting at zero can often be pretty tough, after all. If you can pinpoint your specific mattress size, then you can move forward with your bed frame quest in earnest.

It’s critical to be accurate with regard to the dimensions of your mattress.

Room size measurements are just as imperative. Beds understandably are often the biggest furniture items in rooms. If a bed is big, then it may take over a sleeping area.

It can help to put your mattress directly on the ground. Doing this can give you valuable insight that relates to size matters.

If things seem tight, then it may help to evaluate your situation. It may help to focus on a bed frame that’s a bit more streamlined and basic.

There are actually king-size bed frames out there that seem a lot more “compact” than most others, believe it or not.

You should think about other vital factors. Think about box springs. Think about platform beds, too.

It’s critical to determine which category is most in line with all of your preferences and wishes. Note that it isn’t uncommon for platform beds to be able to manage box spring foundations.

This can be an option for people who favor beds that are nowhere close to flooring. You may even want to ponder how firm things are. Platform beds tends to be linked to tough cores that are nowhere near wobbly.

You should think about how substantial your bed is. You should think about how tall it is as well. Some people are keen on the intense looks that are associated with bed frames that are particularly intricate.

If you get a bed frame that’s especially high, it can help to have a ceiling that’s on the high side as well. The last thing you want is to risk making your bedroom feel unnecessarily claustrophobic and tight.

It’s vital to take your measuring duties seriously. You should do a bit more measuring in the event that you need a bed frame that’s a bit more substantial in size.

Don’t forget to be true to your preferences and personality. Choices in king-size bed frames are more plentiful than ever before.

King-size beds can be suitable for people who admire all kinds of color schemes. Queen-size beds are also great options for your bedroom.

They can be ideal for people who are big fans of traditional and enduring style approaches.

They can be just as ideal for people who can’t get enough of sleek, contemporary and perhaps even futuristic style approaches.

It’s not only imperative to think about specific factors that relate to king-size bed frames that are available to the public.

You should also put a lot of time and energy into thinking about where you’ll actually complete your purchase. There are many stores on the Internet that have expansive king-size bed frame selections.

There are just as many stores “in person” that have impressive selections of these kinds of bed frames.

You should research sellers that have bed frames that are in line with your aesthetic preferences. You should even research sellers that are associated with price points that make full sense with your budget.

It’s always smart and prudent to explore as many king-size bed frames as possible. You should think about everything from your budget to your overall interior design concept.

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