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Sunrising Bedding Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress Review

If you're looking for a review of the 12 Inch Sunrising Bedding Gel Memory Foam Mattress to see if it's right for you, keep reading. We'll cover the design, assembly, price, warranties, and returns of this quality mattress.

Finding a comfortable and supportive gel mattress that won’t break the bank account can be a challenge.

Sunrising Bedding Gel Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress Review

If you’re looking for a comfortable mattress that will keep you sleeping tight the entire night, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve tested and reviewed the Sunrising Bedding 12 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress, and after this in-depth review you’ll know whether or not it’s the right mattress for your bedroom.

So, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: Sunrising Bedding provided us the gel mattress free of charge for our review.

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The Setup - Is this gel memory foam mattress easy to setup?

We expected this mattress to be fairly easy to setup in our bedroom. After unpackaging it, unrolling it, and putting it on top of our bed frame, we can say it is definitely easy to setup.

It arrived in a cylinder bag that was slightly too heavy for 1 person to carry but light enough for 2 people to carry up stairs.

Pro tip: Ask your friend or family member to help you carry this mattress up the stairs or around the house when you receive it.

sunrising bedding mattress on the floor

It took me and my friend Jake only 5-10 minutes to bring the mattress inside our testing house, unpackage, and get it setup on top of our bed frame.

We highly recommend using a pair of scissors to cut open the plastic covering when unboxing this bed. This will make the unpackaging process much easier and less time-consuming.

The mattress expands in about 2-3 minutes once the plastic packaging is cut open. This is much faster than most mattresses we’ve tested. This quick expansion time means it’s a great bed for anyone with a busy schedule.

Testing this bed on our metal bed frame was very comfortable, relaxing, and I honestly fell asleep while testing it. We highly recommend this gel memory foam mattress for anyone looking for back support and a good night’s rest.

The Price

I’ll keep things brief: this bed is worth it’s price. Similar beds we tested that were twice more expensive than this gel mattress can’t compete in terms of comfort.

This affordable yet comfortable mattress has gel-infused memory foam that serves as a cushion layer which keeps users very comfortable while you sleep.

This bed provides complete support the entire night, whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper.

The Quality

The quality of this super-soft mattress can best be described in three words: comfortable, soft, and supportive.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses we’ve tried, this bed can support back, side, and stomach sleepers all while being comfortable to each type of sleeper.

the company logo on the mattress

This bed helps users sleep comfortably, and the 8.5” high density ultra-supportive base foam provides enhanced edge support, less tossing and turning, and a good night’s rest.

Keep reading to learn about the available sizes of this mattress.

Sizes, Dimensions, and Weight

Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 15 x 15 x 40 inches 50 pounds
Twin XL 15 x 15 x 41 inches 52 pounds
Full 15 x 15 x 58 inches 70 pounds
Queen 15 x 15 x 65 inches 80 pounds
King 15 x 15 x 78 inches 102 pounds
Cal. King 15 x 15 x 76 inches 107 pounds

Warranties and Returns

Purchasing this mattress is completely risk-free. There is a 120 day trial and a 20 year warranty. Sunrising Bedding donates any returned mattresses rather than dropping them off to the landfill.


Overall, the 12 Inch Sunrising Bedding Gel Memory Foam Mattress takes around 5-10 minutes to unpackage and setup.

You can use this mattress with pretty much any bed frame.

This is a soft, comfortable, and firm foam mattress.

The materials it’s made of help it last users many years of comfortable and relaxing sleep. We enjoyed testing this mattress (we fell asleep in 5 minutes), and we hope you found this review helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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