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13 Best Bed Frames for Nectar Mattress

After dozens of hours of research and user-testing, we've compiled a full review of the best bed frames for the Nectar mattress.

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base
Zinus Upholstered Horizontally Cushioned Platform Bed
LINENSPA Platform Bed Frame

The Nectar mattress is classified as a 4-layer mattress that contains a gel-infused memory foam layer as well as a dense, foam core.

Bed Frames for Nectar Mattress

It can be difficult to find a great Nectar bed frame or foundation that works well with a mattress as good as the Nectar.

We’ve made it easy to pick by listing the best bed frames for the Nectar mattress.

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base

The Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base is a base designed to be used with or without a standard bed frame. It has an easy to operate wireless remote that makes it easy to separately elevate your head and feet.

The head elevation is 65 degrees, and the foot elevation is 50 degrees. Also, this base is made to be used with with foam, latex, and air mattresses.

This product has a 3 year worry-free warranty, so you’ll fall asleep knowing your purchase was risk-free. This adjustable bed base is fairly easy setup and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Since this base is quite heavy, having two or three people to get it setup is highly recommended.

Here are the available sizes with the dimensions and weight.

Sizes Dimensions Weight
Twin XL 79” x 38” x 15” 100 lbs
Full 74” x 53” x 15” 121 lbs
Queen 79” x 59” x 15” 110 lbs
King 79” x 75” x 15” 152 lbs
Zinus Upholstered Horizontally Cushioned Platform Bed

This bed frame is great for the Nectar mattress because it contains wooden slats that have the ability to support the Nectar mattress and distribute its weight evenly.

This provides the user of the Nectar mattress and the Zinus bed frame maximum comfort. In addition to this, the bed frame presents a classic style and is made from dark grey upholstery. It also contains diamond stitching, which gives the fabric optimized durability.

This product is shipped conveniently because all of the parts contained in the frame are shipped in a zippered compartment that’s located behind the headboard of the frame. Furthermore, this bed frame is noise free, since it contains foam padded tape.

The dimensions of this product are 84.2 x 63.2 x 43.1 inches and it weighs 94.1 pounds. Also included in the purchase of this bed frame is a 5-year limited warranty if you purchase the king size.

LINENSPA Platform Bed Frame

The LINENSPA Contemporary Platform Bed Frame is an easy to assemble bed frame that is built to last many years. This frame is built with a modern design and excellent engineering to keep it staying sturdy all night long.

Also, it has lots of storage space underneath which makes it a great frame for anyone in smaller homes or apartments. This product is heavy-duty and keeps your bed comfortable at the same time.

Below are the different sizes, dimensions, and weight of this product:

Sizes Dimensions Weight
Twin 74” x 38” x 14” 29.8 lbs
Twin XL 79” x 38” x 14” 30.6 lbs
Full 74” x 53” x 14” 44.8 lbs
Queen 79” x 59” x 14” 49.5 lbs
King 79” x 75” x 14” 56.7 lbs

Overall, the LINENSPA Platform Bed Frame is an affordable, lightweight, and easy to assemble frame.

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame lets you elevate your head and feet while enjoying a massage. It has many features, including:

  • Relaxing three zone massage
  • TV recline setting
  • Zero gravity mode
  • USB plugs for easy charging
  • Wireless remote

It is a very comfortable and relaxing bed frame that is perfect for a variety of sleepers. Whether you want a three zone massage to help you relax at the end of the day, or even USB plugs for easy charging, the Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame has got it all.

For partners, the Nectar Split King Size Adjustable Bed Frame allows you to individually control each sleeper’s position using two twin XL mattresses. The dimensions vary based on the size you choose.

It is available in these sizes and prices:

  • Twin XL: $849
  • Full: $899
  • Queen: $999
  • Split King: $1,698
Zinus 14-Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

This mattress foundation is great for the Nectar mattress because it is made of metal, which offers extra stability to support the mattress overall.  

In addition to this, the bed frame supports the mattress with slats, which is the best kind of bed frame for memory foam mattresses because this allows the cushioning from the mattress to fit between the slats.  

The Zinus Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation also offers a sturdy foundation, eliminating the need to purchase an extra box spring to support the Nectar mattress.  

This bed frame presents a folding design that allows you to transport it through hallways as well as staircases easily. Additionally, this frame is noise-free and non-slip.  

The product is smartly shipped because the frame is folded into a thin box and is delivered directly to your doorstep. The dimensions of the product are 38 x 75 x 14 inches and it weighs 25.8 pounds.  Since there is 14 inches of space underneath the frame, this also allows for extra storage space under the bed if needed.

Nectar Mattress Foundation

The Nectar Foundation is designed and built to give you high-quality, restful sleep. This easy to put together foundation is made out of solid pine and natural spruce.

With a 3 year warranty, free shipping, and free returns, you’ll sleep knowing your purchase was risk-free.

The Nectar Mattress Foundation is made from naturally-sourced solid pine and spruce made to keep you comfortable for many years. The simple clip and lock functionality lets you put it together in less than 10 minutes.

This frame also comes with optional legs to keep your mattress supported.

Nectar King Bed Frame

The Nectar King Bed Frame features an upholstered, button-tufted headboard and a metal frame with wooden slats.

Available in Linen, and Grey colors, this bed frame is stylish and sturdy. It provides a durable foundation for your mattress, and is easy to assemble. With durable wooden slats and a center support system, the Nectar King Bed Frame will support your bed for many years.

Also, the upholstered headboard has a silky soft feel and design. With free shipping and returns, you’ll sleep knowing your purchase was risk-free. No box spring or additional frame is needed.

The sizes this bed frame is available in are full, queen, and king.

Nectar Queen Bed Frame

Another option for the Nectar Bed Frame is the queen size, which has dimensions of 66 x 89 x 40 inches.

DHP Rose Linen Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

This bed frame works great with the Nectar mattress because it contains wooden slats, which support the Nectar mattress, promoting its distribution of weight evenly.

This bed frame also presents a contemporary design with the tufted headboard and footboard.

The slat system that’s included in this product is classified as a bentwood slat system, which means that there is maximum ventilation presented to the Nectar mattress. The slats allow air to pass beneath the bed frame and ventilate the mattress.

This bed frame also includes side rails and additional legs that can be added if needed. Furthermore, this bed frame can be assembled in minutes, since the package provides clear instructions. It’s shipped in one package, which allows for easy transportation.

The dimensions of this product are 64.5 x 80.5 x 39.5 inches and it weighs 87 pounds.

Zinus 14-Inch Wood Platform Bed

This bed frame is great for the Nectar mattress because it contains wooden slats and non-slip tape on the slats. This tape prevents the Nectar mattress from moving.

Not only this, but this product also contains foam-padded tape on the steel frame. This tape allows the bed frame to not make any noise.

In addition to all of this, the bed frame can be easily assembled in minutes.

This bed frame presents sturdy wooden slats as well as 3 center legs that offer additional support. The support that this bed frame offers eliminates the need for the user to have to use a box spring, especially by using the Nectar mattress as well.

Furthermore, this product comes with a 5-year warranty and presents a modern, natural finish. The dimensions of this product are 79.5 x 59.5 x 14 inches and it weighs 53.9 pounds.

DUMMEE Metal Bed Frame

This bed frame is great for the Nectar mattress because it contains steel slats, which offer maximum support for the mattress to be founded on. This bed frame offers a high-quality powder paint finish that presents a modern look to a bedroom.

Moreover, this product contains a solid metal frame structure, which creates additional support for the Nectar mattress.

This product can be easily assembled, since it includes all of the parts needed and it is shipped conveniently in one box.

The purchase of this product comes with a 5-year limited warranty in which the company offer 100% services to ensure that this bed frame works well with your Nectar mattress.

The dimensions of this product are 60.43 x 83.54 x 43.5 inches and it weighs 65 pounds. This frame offers 12 inches of under-bed storage for the user to store clothes, blankets, or other items in their bedroom.

Divano Roma Classic Deluxe Linen Platform Bed Frame

This bed frame is great for the Nectar mattress because it offers wooden slat support for the mattress. The wooden slats offer the best kind of support for the mattress as well as room for the mattress to ventilate.

By allowing the Nectar mattress to ventilate, the life of the Nectar mattress is elongated.

This bed frame also offers an upholstered headboard as well as a linen platform, which all provides the user with a bed frame that offers a low profile.

Zinus Bed Frame with Nectar

Zinus frames are quite popular with Nectar, that’s why we’ve listed them here.

Furthermore, this product also provides the user with easy assembly, since it comes conveniently shipped with all of the materials needed located in a compartment behind the headboard. In addition to this, the product only weighs 80 pounds.

Overall, the Nectar mattress offers great innovative technology that provides its user with maximum comfort, while also providing many health benefits.

But this mattress’ effectiveness is largely based on the quality of the bed frame that it’s placed on. After reading this guide for the best bed frames for the Nectar mattress, hopefully you have more direction in choosing a bed frame that works well with both your Nectar mattress as well as your bedroom theme.

Nectar Box Spring

The Zinus Jayanna High Profile Box Spring is a sturdy steel frame with a Poly Jacquard Cover. It is easy to assemble and does not require any tools.

The innovative design makes unfolding it easy. This box spring is made with durable steel and slats spaced 2.8 inches apart. The twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, and all other sizes can support up to 500 pounds.

With a high profile design, this box spring by Zinus is perfect for the Nectar mattress. It is also packaged thoughtfully, since all parts and instructions are packed into one compact box that ships directly to your door.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 59.5 x 79 x 9 inches
  • Color: Grey and white
  • Weight: 48.8 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Brand: Zinus
  • Style: Modern, simple
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to common questions asked about Nectar.

Can you put a Nectar mattress on slats?

No, you cannot put a Nectar mattress on slats. However, Nectar suggests that you can use your existing box spring to support your foam mattress, only as long as it is supported by a sturdy metal bed frame.

Can the Nectar mattress be used on adjustable beds?

Yes, the Nectar mattress is perfect to use with the Nectar adjustable bed frame. The adjustable bed frame will let you elevate your head and feet while enjoying the comfortable bed.

Does the Nectar bed need a box spring?

No, the Nectar bed does not need a box spring. However, it can be used with one for increased comfort.

Can I flip my Nectar mattress?

You can flip your Nectar mattress, but it is not recommended. You might end up damaging the mattress by flipping it. Also, your Nectar mattress won’t feel as comfortable if you flip it.

Is a Nectar mattress worth it?

Yes, the Nectar mattress has a 365 night trial period, lifetime warranty, free shipping, and free returns. Also, the medium-firm and gel memory foam mattress is great at isolating movement and relieving hip and shoulder pressure during the night.

Can the Nectar mattress cover be washed?

Yes, you can clean the cover with a safe and mild detergent. Using hand soap would also work great to keep the cover clean. However, Nectar does not recommend removing the cover, dry-cleaning the mattress, or submerging it in water. This is because it will damage the mattress and its components.

Does the Nectar mattress sleep cool?

The Nectar mattress stays cooler than many all-foam mattresses. However, it might still retain more heat than some sleepers find suitable.

Does the Nectar mattress smell?

Occasionally, there may be a slight new mattress smell, but after a few days it should disappear. Mattresses and pillows can absorb smell, so let your mattress air out for a few hours when you first get it. Do this by opening windows and using a fan to blow fresh air directly onto your bed.

How long will a Nectar mattress last?

The Nectar mattress lasts 7 to 10 years on average before becoming soft. The same is true for most other memory foam mattresses.

What causes a mattress to sag?

Prolonged use causes a mattress to sag. Mattress owners should expect some level of sagging from their bed. Beds with springs also sag since coil tension decreases and the comfort materials begin to sink into the bed’s support layers.

Can you attach a headboard to a Nectar Foundation?

No, you cannot attach a headboard to a Nectar Foundation. In fact, Nectar says you should not buy the Nectar foundation if you need to attach an existing headboard.

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