Sheets are equally important as choosing the right mattress when you’re on a mission to attain quality sleep. Specific sheets work better for select mattresses.

There are seemingly endless sheet options on today’s market that aim to elevate comfort. This article will walk you through some options that pair well with the Purple Mattress.

The Purple Sheets

First up is the Purple Mattresses’ partner, Purple Sheets. Flexibility is an emphasis on Purple Sheets. With bamboo elements, Purple Sheets do not compromise flexibility. Flexibility in sheets is essential as it allows users to feel the complete comfort of their mattress.

The breathable bamboo fabric of Purple Sheets will keep your body cool while the elastic components of the sheets will help keep the material in place.

Consumers additionally rave about the softness of Purple sheets. Colors available for purple sheets include:

  • White
  • Slate
  • Sand
  • Purple

Shrinkage is not an issue with Purple Sheets. Tests have shown that the sheets shrink as low as 2.5%, which is half as much as the average brand of the sheet.

Buyers of the Purple Sheets will receive a one-year limited warranty with their purchase. With the price tag of the Purple Mattress, users won’t want to compromise on sheet-quality that won’t match their mattress.

Heather Jersey Sheet Set

Heather Jersey Sheets are an option for consumers that serve to maximize comfort while minimizing the amount of money you spend.

Achieving a high-level of comfort doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in the process. Even the people at Purple recommend these sheets as an alternative to their brand.

Combed cotton and jersey knit material make up the fabric of the Heather Jersey Sheet Set. The soft and flexible nature of the cotton and jersey knit material will conform well to both the user’s body, as well as the surface of a Purple mattress.

Buyers of the Heather Jersey sheet set will have five colors to choose from that include:

  • Sky Blue
  • Tan
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Chambray

If you select this lower-priced alternative to Purple Sheets, don’t expect to compromise softness, flexibility, and coolness.

Oasis Fine Linens Island Bamboo Collection

Up next, we have another sheet set derived from bamboo.

Makers of the Oasis Fine Linens have designed these sheets to feel like 1,000 plus-thread Egyptian cotton sheets. Consider the fact that you’ll be sleeping like a king with these luxurious sheets.

Breathability is a critical component that bamboo-derived sheets offer. The material is naturally absorbent and will keep your body fresh during sleep.

When purchasing Oasis Fine Linens, you won’t have to worry about the sheet size not fitting your Purple Mattress. Oasis Fine Linen sheets are up to 22 inches deep and are available in the following colors:

  • Blue Moon
  • Cirus
  • Earth
  • Mist
  • Silver Sage
  • Storm
  • White Sand

You can tell by the name of these colors that these sheets are brag-worthy.

Ghostbed Sheets

Ghostbed sheets present users with a unique hybrid material of Supima cotton and sustainable Tencel fibers. When used in combination with a Purple Mattress, users will feel a soft, fuzzy feel on the top layer of their mattress.

Side sleepers should look into purchasing Ghostbed sheets as the stretchy material hugs the sleep surface and offers exceptional thoracic and lumbar support.

The Supima cotton and sustainable Tencel fibers make these sheets an average of 50% more absorbent.

Colors include grey and white.

Brooklinen Twill Sheets

Brooklinen Twill sheets receive excellent ratings for their comfort elements. Soft twill material is woven from long-staple cotton by Brooklinen to create a cloth that is both light and exceptionally soft.

Brooklinen’s use of long-staple cotton creates a durable sheet. The durability is due to longer cotton’s ability to be spun into finer, longer-lasting yarns.

Brooklinen offers buyers the ability to buy a twill starter set at $132.


You’re going to need an excellent set of sheets to compliment the Purple Mattress. Material, fit, and thread count are a few of the key components to evaluate when browsing for new sheets.

With hundreds of options available on the market—readers of this article need not worry. All of the sheets recommended in this article are noted as pairing well with the Purple Mattress.

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