49 Fitbit Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

josh ternyak, founder of sleepsources.com
by Josh Ternyak · November 3rd, 2022

Fitbit generated $1.21 billion revenue in 2021.

Below is a list of up-to-date Fitbit usage statistics.

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  • Fitbit valuation
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  • Fitbit employees
  • Fitbit device sales
  • Fitbit demographics

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Key Fitbit Statistics:

  1. Fitbit generated $1.21 billion revenue in 2021.
  2. Fitbit posted a net loss of $190 million in 2020.
  3. Over 31 million people use Fitbit once a week.
  4. Fitbit sold 10.6 million units in 2020, a 31% decrease year-on-year.
  5. As of 2020 Fitbit has 1,694 employees.

Fitbit Statistics

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    Fitbit overview

    James Park and Eric Friedman founded Fitbit in 2007. Taking inspiration from the tracking sensors in the iPhone, their goal was to put the sensors in a smaller package.

    Fitbit was soon born and the founders spent the first two years ramping up production to meet growing demand.

    By 2011, Fitbit was a national brand in the United States, available in stores like Walmart and Best Buy.

    In 2013, Fitbit launched a fitness tracker with a heart-rate sensor, and has since added new sensors to track temperature, sleep, EDA, and menstrual cycle.

    Fitbit went public in June 2015, growing from a company worth $4 billion to $9.7 billion by 2015.

    And in 2017, Fitbit acquired Pebble for $23 million, a sign that some of the spark had left the wearables market. By 2017, more than $8 billion was cut off Fitbit's market cap as Apple and Xiaomi overtook the company.

    By 2019 the company had 29 million active users, which accounted for about 25% of the company's total fitness tracker sales.

    That same year, Alphabet announced its intention to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion, and the acquisition was successfully completed in January 2021.

    Fitbit has added millions of active users since the launched in 2007, even as it lost revenue and market share.

    Keep reading to find up-to-date data and statistics on Fitbit.

    Total Users 31 million
    Launch date 26 March 2007
    HQ San Francisco, California
    Company type Subsidiary
    People James Park (CEO), Sundar Pichai (Alphabet CEO), Eric Friedman (CTO)
    Industry Fitness
    Parent Company Alphabet

    Fitbit revenue

    Here is an overview of Fitbit's revenue by year:

    Year Revenue
    2014 $0.74 billion
    2015 $1.85 billion
    2016 $2.16 billion
    2017 $1.61 billion
    2018 $1.52 billion
    2019 $1.43 billion
    2020 $1.13 billion
    2021 $1.21 billion
    Fitbit revenue

    Source: Fitbit

    Fitbit profit

    Here is an overview of Fitbit's profit:

    Year Profit
    2014 $131 million
    2015 $175 million
    2016 ($102 million)
    2017 ($277 million)
    2018 ($185 million)
    2019 ($320 million)
    2020 ($190 million)
    Fitbit profit

    Source: Fitbit

    Note: Parentheses indicates loss

    Fitbit users

    Here is an overview of Fitbit's users:

    Year Users
    2014 6.7 million
    2015 16.9 million
    2016 23.2 million
    2017 25.4 million
    2018 27.6 million
    2019 29.6 million
    2020 31 million
    Fitbit users

    Source: Fitbit, Statista

    Note: Active Fitbit users are counted as those who use their device once weekly

    Fitbit registered users

    Here is an overview of Fitbit's registered users:

    Year Registered Users
    2014 11 million
    2015 29 million
    2016 50 million
    2017 75 million
    2018 85 million
    2019 90 million
    2020 98 million
    2021 111 million
    Fitbit registered users

    Source: Fitbit, BusinessOfApps

    Fitbit valuation

    Here is a breakdown of Fitbit's valuation/net worth:

    Year Valuation
    2013 $4 billion
    2015 $9.7 billion
    2017 $1.4 billion
    2019 $2.1 billion
    Fitbit valuation

    Source: FT, TechCrunch

    Fitbit device sales

    Here is an overview of Fitbit's device sales:

    Year Device Sales
    2014 10.9 million
    2015 21.4 million
    2016 23.2 million
    2017 25.4 million
    2018 13.9 million
    2019 16 million
    2020 10.8 million
    2021 10.6 million
    Fitbit device sales

    Source: Fitbit

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many steps have Fitbit users taken?

    Fitbit users have taken over 75 trillion steps according to Fitbit's official site.

    Fitbit users steps taken

    How many Fitbit users are there?

    There are 31 million Fitbit users in 2020. Data for the number of Fitbit users in 2021 hasn't been released yet.

    Fitbit number of users

    How much did Google pay to acquire Fitbit?

    Google acquired Fitbit for a whopping $2.1 billion.

    google acquired fitbit for $2.1 billion

    How many Fitbits were sold in 2021?

    There was a jaw-dropping amount of Fitbits sold in 2021: 10.6 million.

    number of fitbits sold


    In summary, Fitbit is a leading brand in the fitness industry, and the company is projected to continue growing every year.

    The millions of Fitbit users use Fitbit regularly to track their steps and health, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Fitbit generated $1.21 billion revenue in 2021.