41 Calm Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

josh ternyak, founder of sleepsources.com
by Josh Ternyak · November 3rd, 2022

Calm made an estimated $200 million in 2020, a 33% increase from the previous year.

Here’s an overview of the Calm statistics you'll find on this page:

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  • How many people use Calm App?
  • Who owns Calm App?
  • Calm App valuation
  • Calm App growth
  • Calm App employees
  • Calm App user demographics

Let’s dive into the stats.

Key Calm App Statistics:

  1. Calm App generated $200 million in revenue in 2020.
  2. Calm App has over 4 million users.
  3. Calm had a valuation of $2 billion in its latest funding round.
  4. Over 100 million people have downloaded Calm.
  5. As of 2019 Calm has 50 employees.
  6. Calm raised $218 million in total funding in 2020.

Calm App Statistics

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    Calm App overview

    Calm was founded on May 4, 2012 by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew.

    The initial spark that showed Calm co-founders there was a market for meditation was simple.

    In 2011, Tew became a minor internet celebrity for the websites he created, "Million Dollar Homepage" and "Do Nothing For 2 Minutes", in which a user would stare at a screen and listen to waves on a beach for two minutes without touching/moving their mouse.

    Once the two minute timer ended, an email prompt would appear asking people to sign up. Shockingly, in just two weeks, over 100,000 people did. Just a few months later, Calm.com was founded, with the intention of building on Tew's website success.

    Calm has always offered free introductory lessons, as well as a monthly subscription for access to the entire archive of lessons.

    Even with a small staff size (50 in 2019), Calm struggled early on to break even. And it wasn't until 2018 that meditation apps started making serious apps.

    As leaders of the sector, Calm and Headspace generated $70 million in 2017, but that grew in 2018 to $122 million. In fact, the entire meditation industry grew by 306% in that time, according to Sensor Tower.

    Calm's rapid growth brought along its ambitions. In 2017, it won Apple's App of the Year award, which helped it rise above its competitor Headspace in revenue and downloads.

    Now, the company continues growing with more users, downloads, and revenue every day. The company produces meditation products, including guided meditations, a book, health and meditation videos, as well as a book. Their primary product is the meditation app, available on iPhone and Android devices.

    Total Users 100+ million
    Launch date 5 April 2012
    HQ San Francisco, California
    Company type Private
    People Michael Acton Smith (co-CEO), Alex Tew (co-CEO), Tamara Levitt (Head of Mindfulness)
    Industry Meditation and wellness

    Calm App annual revenue

    Here is an overview of Calm App's revenue by year:

    Year Revenue
    2015 $2 million
    2016 $7 million
    2017 $37 million
    2018 $80 million
    2019 $150 million
    2020 $200 million
    calm revenue

    Sources: Calm, Entrepreneur, CNBC

    Calm App funding (total)

    Here is a breakdown of Calm App's total funding:

    Year Funding (total)
    2014 $1 million
    2018 $28 million
    2019 $143 million
    2020 $218 million
    calm funding

    Source: Crunchbase

    Calm valuation

    Here is a breakdown of Calm App's valuation/net worth:

    Year Valuation
    2018 $0.25 billion
    2019 $1 billion
    2020 $2 billion
    calm valuation

    Source: Calm, TechCrunch

    How Many Subscribers Does Calm Have?

    Here is a breakdown of the number of Calm subscribers:

    Year Subscribers
    2017 0.75 million
    2018 1 million
    2019 2 million
    2020 4 million
    number of calm subscribers

    Source: Calm, TechCrunch

    Calm downloads (total)

    Here is a breakdown of the number of Calm downloads:

    Year Downloads
    2018 35 million
    2019 40 million
    2020 100 million
    2021 120 million
    calm downloads calm mobile app users and downloads

    Source: Calm, TechCrunch, SensorTower

    Calm vs. Headspace: revenue

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What country is Calm most popular?

    Calm gets over 60% of web traffic from the US. 10% came from the UK.

    where calm app is most popular

    What are the demographics of Calm?

    60% of Calm users are female, and 40% are male.

    calm user demographics

    How old are Calm users?

    According to Ivey Business Review, the median age of a Calm user is between 30 and 35.

    how old are calm users

    How many Calm users are subscribers?

    Over 4 million Calm users subscribe to the app. The company's co-CEO Michael Acton Smith says 33% who subscribe do so on the first day.

    calm subscribers


    Calm's growth can be summed up in three words: innovation, timing, and execution.

    Soon, expansion could reach more users and harbor services that result in the platform being a single hub for meditation, relaxation, and sleep.