The Purple Pet/Dog Bed definitely disrupted the pet bed industry. It is made with the same polymer grid system that made the Purple mattress go viral, which means dogs and cats are in for a treat if their owners buy this bed. So, why is the Purple Dog Bed so popular?

The Highlights

Overall, our dog, Sheela seemed to really like using this pet bed, and it wasn’t even the first pet bed our furry friend has . Below is a table showing the sizes this bed is sold in and their corresponding dimensions and weight.

Size Dimensions Weight
Small 26” x 19” x 5” 8 lbs
Medium 38” x 29” x 5” 16 lbs
Large 50” x 38” x 5” 25 lbs


  • Your pet will find it very comfortable
  • Purple makes beds with only high-quality materials
  • Budget-friendly means it won't break the bank
  • Available in three sizes
  • Will last many years of pet satisfaction


  • Your pet might sleep for too long due to extreme comfort

Night 1

Sheela sleeps on the Purple Pet Bed for the first time and seems to find it comfortable.

Usually our dog would wake up in the middle of the night to go drink water, but with the Purple Pet Bed, Sheela stayed comfortable without waking up and moving around. Sheela did also smell the bed a lot, and actually seemed to like how it smelled.

Night 2

Sheela gets more familiar with the pet bed and starts to sleep on it during the day, but not for a long time. During the night, she uses the Purple Dog Bed and seemed to find it very soft, comfortable, and relaxing.

Night 3

On the 3rd night, Sheela seemed to fall asleep much earlier than usual, possibly because the Purple Dog Bed is just very comfortable. Another comfortable, soft, and restful night for Sheela.

Night 4

Night 4 was the night that proved the Purple Dog Bed is a high-quality and comfortable pet bed. Sheela used the Purple Dog Bed during the day, and when night came, she looked very comfortable and happy when using the Purple Dog Bed.

Night 5

Night 5 was the last night we tracked how much our dog enjoyed the Purple Dog Bed. Sheela looked very comfortable on the bed and tried to tell us how she is glad we bought it.

What Customers Say

  1. “Great quality product, super comfy and easy to clean.”
  2. “My fur babies love it.”
  3. “Keiza loves her bed.”
  4. “Doggo loves it. My 9 year old pup is getting older and really loves this pet bed.”
  5. “Our dog this bed and fell asleep right away.”
  6. “Best dog bed I’ve found.”
  7. “I think I would sleep on it.”

How Much Does the Purple Pet Bed Cost?

Small Size

The small size is priced at $149, and is awesome for pets 1-30 pounds.

Medium Size

The medium size is sold at $189 and is great for pets 31-70 pounds.

Large Size

The large size is priced at $269 and is perfect for pets 71+ pounds.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

Surprisingly, dogs are very comfortable with sleeping on a hard floor. They just want to be comfortable and would choose a cooler spot over a warmer one. Dogs don’t prefer hard or soft beds because they are fine with both. They can also easily forget what they did five minutes ago.

Do dogs need a bed to sleep on?

No, but purchasing a comfortably soft pet bed for your dog would never hurt. Your dog would probably like having a softer surface to sleep on every night, especially one that nobody else uses.

How is the Purple Pet Bed Made?

Purple hasn’t released the specific construction details of the Purple Pet Bed yet. However, this bed is unique because of its comfort grid system which collapses where it gets the most pressure. The bed supports your pet where there is less pressure which creates a comfortable user experience for your pet.

Is The Purple Pet Bed Good For Dogs and Cats?

Yes, the Purple Pet Bed is good for both dogs and cats. If you have a cat, buy the small size of the Purple Pet Bed, and if you have a dog, Purple recommends you buy the small, medium, or large sizes depending on how large or small your dog is.