Often times, driving can be a stressful enough activity without having to deal with back pain and discomfort. If you find, like so many others, that the lower portion of your back becomes sore and achy when you are on the road, then you might want to consider looking into getting some sort of lumbar support. Back support pillows for the car are designed in such a way that it can take the strain off your lower back. Thus, increasing your comfort and providing some relief from the aforementioned pain and stiffness. If used long-term, these pillows can help to correct the poor posture that contributes to this common back condition.

Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive

The Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive is the ideal lumbar cushion for people who always seem to be on the move. By design, this inflatable support can be used almost anywhere, at home, in the car, on airplanes, at work, in meetings or at the stadium. It is quite easy to inflate and can be held securely in place with the help of the attached elastic strap. Inflate or deflate as necessary to find the firmness level that works best for you. The pillow also comes with a tear-resistant outer layer as well as a travel bag for transporting and easy storage.

The Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion is Ideal for Travelers

It does not matter how long the commute, if you suffer from back pain, having a reliable back support pillow is vital. And, as everyone who travels knows - you don’t want anything that is going to weigh you down as you go from Point A to Point E and everywhere in between. Because of this Vive’s Support Cushion comes highly recommended for people on the go. Not only is contoured to provide maximum support to the user’s lower back, but it can also easily be deflated and packed away.

**What are Some Pros to The Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive? ** -The pillow comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
-The firmness of the pillow can be easily adjusted through either inflating it more or deflating it slightly.
-It is easy to travel with.

-Ideal for people who travel on a regular basis.

What are Some Cons for The Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion?

  • The pillow can be tough to deflate the first time.
    -It has to be re-inflated each time.

Lumbar Support Back Cushion by LoveHome

The Lumbar Support Back Cushion by LoveHome is another popular option for car use. This memory foam cushion is recommended highly by chiropractors as a way to not only address back pain but to also assist in the recovery from surgery. It comes with an adjustable strap that is used to keep the cushion in place. Because of this, The Lumbar Support Back Cushion can be fitted to any office chair, car seat, wheelchair or computer chair.

What are Some Pros to the Lumbar Support Back Cushion by LoveHome?

-The pillow comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
-The Lumbar Support Back Cushion can be adapted to almost seat
-It comes in a size and shape that can adjust to most sizes and shapes.

What are Some Cons to the Lumbar Support Back Cushion by Lovehome? -Depending on your personal preference this option might be too soft to provide adequate support

Memory Foam Back Cushion by Everlasting Comfort

The Memory Foam Back Cushion by Everlasting Comfort is one of the bestselling back support car pillows on the market. It is designed to alleviate the stress that driving often puts on your back. It has an ergonomic design that can also be used for other areas of the neck and back. The Memory Foam Back Cushion comes with two adjustable straps. This strap allows it to be tightly secured to the back of the seat, meaning that you will not have to worry about it slipping off your seat or moving. The cover is hypoallergenic mesh which helps to reduce skin irritation, discomfort and increases airflow.

What are Some Pros to the Memory Foam Back Cushion?

-Unlike many other options, this pillow has a hypoallergenic cover that helps to reduce discomfort and skin irritation.
-The pillow comes with a lifetime guarantee
-The Memory Foam Back Cushion offers a lifetime replacement guarantee

What are Some Cons to the Memory Foam Back Cushion?

-Unlike other pillows on the market, this option does not fit on many chairs and is designed primarily for car use.

Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support by Sweet Relief

The Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support is an orthopedic memory foam option. It was designed by Sweet Relief is provides a great balance between firmness and softness. The pillow has an adjustable strap. This strap can extend anywhere from 20 to 36 inches. The pillow is also made with breathable mesh fabric.

What are Some Pros to the Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support? -It is made of a breathable fabric.
-The pillow is odor free.
-The Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support comes with a free additional mesh lumbar support.
-This product comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee

What are Some Cons with the Memory Foam Brick Cushion with Mesh Support?

-Unfortunately, the mesh support does not provide enough support for some.

Lumbar Support Pillow by MedX

The Lumbar Support Pillow by MedX is considered to be one of Amazon’s Choice Products. It is known for its firm support and can provide great comfort and relief to those who experience pain in the lumbar area. This memory foam pillow is designed to gradually mold itself to the shape of the users back. This is so that the person using it is able to forget that it is there except for the reduction of back pain and stiffness.

What is Some Pros to the Lumbar Support Pillow?

-The Lumbar Support Pillow has a 100% lifetime hassle-free refund warranty.
-It is highly rated and known to be extremely comfortable
-It is highly effective and helps to reduce back pain and stiffness
-It is categorized as firm because of the high-levels of support that it provides.

What are Some of the Cons of the Lumbar Support Pillow?

-The strap is not overly long, and because of this might not fit around all car seats

Why are Back Support Pillows for a Car Needed?

The lumbar region is another term for the lower section of your back. It is referred to as the lower spine. This area of your back has a natural curve that bends inward. When coupled with poor posture and sedentary lifestyles, this curvature, can force the lumbar outward. This results in lower back pain. Over time, this pain can become a chronic issue that can impact day-to-day life and activities.

What is Lumbar Support?

Regular use of a lumbar support pillow relieves the pain and tightness that develops in the lower back. At the same time, it is able to correct the bad posture that led to the pain development initially. Using back support pillows in the car will also lower the risk of further damage.

Why is Lumbar Support so Important?

In recent decades, we have not only seen a significant increase in the number of cars on the road, but also in the number of drivers who are experiencing lower back pain. In order to avoid this, or make the problem worse, it is vital that drivers have proper lumbar support in their car. By taking care of this problem as early on as possible they will be able to reduce any lower back related medical costs.

What Features Should I Look for When Buying a Lumbar Support Pillow for the Car?

Supportive lumbar support cushions and pillows come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Generally they can also be used on any seat - few are designed solely for car use. This means that you can take it with you from the car to the office and provide additional support for your back no matter where you are.Regardless of where you plan on using the lumbar support pillow there are a few things that you have to consider before buying one:


Prices for lumbar support pillows can vary significantly and can become quite pricey. Because of this you will want to ensure that you are buying one that will last you a while.

Comfortable No one wants to feel as if they are sitting against a brick. Remember that you will be sitting on this for extended periods of time.

Corrective The point of a lumbar support pillow is to help reduce back pain and fix damage that has already been done. Before buying one read up on it and make sure that it has been proven to not only provide support but also correct already existing damage.

Are All Lumbar Support Pillows Easy to Transport from Point A to Point B?

The short answer, no. The majority of lumbar support pillows that are designed for the car are fairly easy to travel with. However, not all of them are easy to move from the car to the home or office. Some have to be deflated and some are designed only for the car. Once you have an idea of what you plan on doing with your pillow and where you want to use it, you will be able to narrow down your search significantly.

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