Leesa and Tuft & Needle are considered to be two of the most popular and comfortable mattresses that are available online. They are part of the recent wave of online-only businesses that specialize in mattresses with the sole goal of providing outstanding value to the customers everywhere, simply by taking the middleman out of the equation.

On paper, it can be challenging to tell the difference between these new brands of online-only mattress companies. However, as with everything, each brand offers its own advantages and drawbacks, which you prefer will depend on what you are looking for in a mattress. Do you want a soft or firm mattress? What is your budget? Are you looking for an environmentally friendly option? What about hypoallergenic? With so many things to consider it is no wonder that for most people researching and buying a mattress is a daunting and often dreaded task. While this article will not be able to answer those questions for you, it will provide a breakdown of how the Leesa and Tuft and Needle compare, how they are similar and what they offer.


Before breaking down the individual mattresses, let’s take a look at a more simple and to the point breakdown between these two popular mattress options.


In terms of design, the Leesa is a more visually appealing product. While the Tuft and Needle is quite traditional, it lacks any character or unique detail. That said, this factor holds little weight with most consumers.


Tuft and Needle offers a product that is quite a bit cheaper than the Leesa and is there for a fantastic value. However, Leesa does offer some qualities that Tuft and Needle does not and therefore understandably costs more - these will be discussed later on in the article.


Lessa is a softer mattress option which makes it a more ideal option for stomach sleepers as opposed to back or side. Because Tuft and Needle is firmer it provides better support to back and side sleepers.

Trial Period

Generally, you will know within about a week whether or not a mattress is going to work for you. However, Tuft & Needle provides customers with 30 days, and customers who purchase Leesa have a 100 day trial period.

Temperature Regulation

Both of these options provide wonderful temperature regulation, allowing for a comfortable and restful night sleep.

Tuft and Needle Review

Tuft & Needle is a fairly standard mattress that is not designed to offer any fills or unique details. On top of which is very reasonably priced. The company was created by two computer programmers that focus on incorporating the feedback that they receive from customers to better improve their mattress. Because of their dedication to continued improvement Tuft and Needle has become known as one of the best mattresses available on Amazon. Customers have recognized the fact that unlike other companies, including Leesa, Tuft and Needle are dedicated not only to listening to what their customers want, but what they don’t want. The mattress is often being updated with changes that customers suggest.


One of the things that Tuft and Needle are known for is the fact that it is extremely budget friendly. Not only is it affordable, but it is a high-quality mattress, that is created with durable materials and comfortable polyfoam making it an excellent value.


As stated above, Tuft and Needle offer a very basic looking mattress. It has a plain white cover, no frills or fancy details. That said, you end up covering the mattress up with a sheet so this detail tends to carry very little weight when considering which mattress to buy.


The Tuft and Needle option is 10 inches thick and is designed with several high-quality materials. It has 3 inches of polyfoam which sits on a 7-inch foam core. Although the mattress is not made with traditional latex or memory foam it is still able to conform to the customer’s body, providing both tremendous support and comfort.

Does it Provide Enough Comfort and Support?

Tuft and Needle offer fantastic support for sleepers of all positions. It is comfortable and offers a breathable and relaxing place to rest your head. Tuft and Needle offers a feel that is closer to classic latex than modern memory foam. This makes moving around throughout the night easy, and it limits the amount that your movements will disturb your partner’s sleep.

In terms of firmness, Tuft and Needle offer a medium firm product. Generally, this makes it a great option for people with back or neck issues. Firm mattresses are recommended for everyone however they are especially great options for back and side sleepers.

The company responsible for Tuft and Needle has made it a commitment to provide customers with a high-quality, comfortable product that everyone can enjoy. Unlike the often lengthy and frustrating experience that customers who have shopped for mattresses in traditional stores have had to endure, shopping for a Tuft and Needle online is simple and cuts out the middleman. The online retailer provides tons of information on the construction, materials, reviews and more. Customers are also guaranteed a 30 in home trial period.

Leesa Mattress

The Leesa mattress company was originally created by a team of people who primarily focused on the development and design of the product. This dedication to creating a high-quality and customer-friendly product is shown through the details and thoughtful additions. Because Leesa is only available online, customers are invited to try their mattress in-home for 100 days. This is a wonderful opportunity for customers to see if the mattress meets their needs and supports their back and neck without risk of being stuck with a mattress that does not exceed their expectation. The extensive in-home trial period is one way that Leesa stands apart from other mattress brands on the market - including Tuft and Needle.


There is no denying it, Leesa costs more than Tuft & Needle does. However, if you were to compare Leesa with a product that is on par in terms of construction, design, and support you would find that Leesa is still priced at a great market value.


Unlike Tuft and Needle, Leesa offers a unique and clever design. This helps to make the product stand out among the competitors in a fantastic way. That said, mattresses are designed to be covered with a fitted sheet, which makes the design aspect one of the least vital when choosing a new mattress.


Leesa is designed with 2 inches of Avena foam on top. This allows for a comfortable feel that everyone can enjoy. This foam is placed on top of 2 inches of memory foam and another 6 inches of base foam. As with Tuft and Needle, the Avena foam which makes up the top two inches of the mattress is not actually recognized as either a latex foam or a memory foam. However, it does provide breathability making for a cool and relaxing night sleep.

Does it Provide Comfort and Support?
Leesa has become known for it’s comfortable and soft feel. It has a medium firmness which makes it a product that everyone can enjoy. That said because it is fairly firm it is a wonderful option for people with back, hip or neck problems. The mattress easily contours to the body of the person laying on it, and provides excellent support in the most vital locations.

Giving Back

While this is not a direct product to product comparison many people today appreciate when a company goes above and beyond to help out their community. This is exactly what Leesa has done with its mattress donation program, where one mattress is donated for every ten that are sold.

Leesa provides a high-quality and durable product. Unlike Tuft and Needle who are focused on using customer feedback to improve their product, Leesa focuses on the minor details - which add up - to create a unique and stand-alone mattress option.


Both Tuft and Needle, as well as Leesa, offer a fantastic product. Both are medium firm and offer great support and comfort to people of all sleeping positions. While there are some vital differences, including materials, design, and price, there are also a number of similarities. Perhaps the biggest similarity is that because they are only available online they are available at a better price point. Not only that but for what you are getting both are great values at their individual price points.

Regardless of which option you decide to go with, you are going to be getting a great product. What it really comes down to is the kind of support that you need, which mattress provides that and allows you to get a restful night sleep. It also comes down to budget and personal preference. For some, the fact that Leesa is a prettier mattress will carry more weight than it will with others. For others, the fact that Tuft and Needle is a more affordable product will be the deciding factor. Whichever you decide, good luck and good night!

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