If you are shopping for the best twin metal bed frames as practical and attractive decor update for your daughter or son’s room or to brighten up a guest room, consider choosing a metal bed frame. When you browse through the inventories at you local furniture outlets and stores, you may be surprised at the number of metal frames they offer. If you visit you major online marketplace sites, you will also find a wide array of metal frame brands, designs and cost-saving prices for twin beds today.

There are numerous furniture showroom displays of chic and comfortable bedroom furniture that feature these fashionable and formidable metal bed frames. Some people still favor natural wood furniture, especially for bedroom furnishings. However, when you purchase twin bed frames made of metal, you always have the option of adding a carved wooden head and foot board to complement your overall room design.

Once they buy and install metal twin bed frames, most consumers are delighted with the ease of assembly they offer. Many moms, dads or teenagers report having assembled these frames within a few minutes, without any problems and with very little effort. In addition, these frames are strong, yet lightweight and easy to move to other rooms of your home, if needed. They require no box springs, which makes it easier on the budget to purchase an excellent mattress for each bed.

These beds frames offer comfortable support and long-term use. They have sleek, streamlined designs that fit well in bedroom interiors of all sizes. In addition, your children will enjoy safe use of these beds since they offer low, modern, close-to-the-ground designs. At the same time, there is adequate storage room beneath a bed that stands 9 to 18 inches above the floor, and you can easily have under-bed storage units installed for convenient use, if you like.

Selection the Best Metal Twin Bed Frames to Satisfy Your Preferences and Needs

By viewing the large and attractive range of choices of metal twin bed frames currently available on the consumer market, you are sure to find the ideal fashionable and functional design to meet your specific preferences and needs. Excellent choices now on display for sales include the following brands and models:

Mecor Twin Size Curved Metal Bed Frame

This country or farmhouse bed frame design offers an artistic, elegantly curved painted metal headboard and foot board design. Its traditional, refined motifs combined with its strong, simplistic and practical construction make this bed frame the perfect choice for room decor ranging from Victorian or Early American to Ultra Modern.

With all-metal construction, this frame lends lasting support for all types of spring, memory, latex or memory foam mattresses and eliminates mattresses sags. No box springs are needed, and under-bed storage space equals 9.84 inches of vertical space.

You can order this bed frame in black or white finish. Its dimensions are: L 78.74” x W 42.13” x H 43.70”, and the frame weighs 34.2 pounds.

Pros & Cons


  • This bed frame is lightweight, but sturdy.
  • This metal frame is easy to assemble.
  • The frame design is stylish and especially popular with girls.


  • A mattress slips around on this bed frame, and many buyers find they need to apply adhesive grips under the mattress for secure use.

Best Price Mattress Twin Bed Frame

This modern bed frame design is popular with people of all ages and is frequently bought by college students and young working adults who are furnishing their first apartments or homes. This frame is also attractive to many consumers today since steel construction make it an eco-friendly product.

This frame is easy to move if you should need to relocate it to another room or area of your home or apartment. However, it is sturdy enough to give strong, lasting support, providing a top-quality foundation for supporting the mattress of your choice.

When assembled, this frame’s above-floor height is 9 inches, which provides adequate room for storage beneath the bed. The product dimensions are: 74.5 x 38 x 9 inches, and it weighs 48.1 pounds.

Pros & Cons


  • This modern steel bed frame offers expert design and engineering and provides a stable, secure bed platform.
  • When you purchase this bed frame model, you are assured of benefiting from long-term use.
  • Although this bed frame requires more assembly steps that some others, its strength, durability and stylish design make the effort well worth your time.


  • This bed frame slides when placed on a tile or highly polished hardwood floor, making it necessary to place a non-slip mat beneath it.

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel

The innovative, durable yet attractive design of this twin bed frame is constructed to hold the mattress steadily in place during use. No box springs are needed, leaving your choice of mattress brands and types completely your personal decision. This appealing black frame offers plenty of under-bed storage space since it stands at a height of 16.5 inches above the floor.

This frame design is compatible with your selection of headboard designs, and it is equally usable and attractive without a headboard. Equally suited to use by children, teens and adults, this frame is an excellent option for anyone who refuses to sacrifice sleek, modern fashion for the need to conserve floor space.

This frame offers fast, seamless assembly and comes with all needed hardware and tools. This bed frame has dimensions of 76.5 x 40.5 x 18 inches, and it weighs 32.8 pounds.

Pros & Cons


  • This bed frame is designed to enclose the mattress to keep is from slipping when in use.
  • When you choose this metal twin bed frame, you are purchasing a streamlined frame that provides significantly greater under-bed storage room than most twin bed frames currently being sold.
  • This attractive metal twin bed frame is currently popular for use by children, teens and adults of all ages, due to its comfort and lasting construction.


  • This bed frame is easy to assemble, but some buyers report that the plastic assembly brackets are breakable.

Best Choice Products Metal Bed Frame Set w/Headboard And Footboard, Twin

This sturdy yet lightweight metal twin bed frame will last well into the future years to provide an attractive, comfortable sleeping bed for various members of your family or your guests. This unique bed frame is constructed of 2-inch metal tubing and includes a stylish headboard and foot board.

It also has middle legs for supplying ultimate degrees of support and comfort. No box springs are required, and any standard twin bed size mattress will be suitable for this bed frame. Children are immediately attracted to this special bed design. In addition, this twin bed frame makes an elegant, fashionable daybed for your home’s den or guest room.

Many college students are also choosing this bed frame for their off-campus apartment living due to its unusual style and streamlined design. The dimensions of this bed frame are: 78 x 38.25 x 39, and it weighs 31.5 pounds. The floor to frame height of this model is 9.75 inches.

The Price of the Metal Twin Bed Frame has an Amazon Rating of 5 Full Stars.

Pros & Cons


  • This metal bed frame is highly attractive with unusual style.
  • This twin bed frame offers lasting durability and versatile use as a sleeping bed or daybed frame.
  • The curving lines of this bed frame construction make it compatible with many types of furniture design and decor.


  • The headboard and foot board of this bed frame are not designed to be removable.

In Style Furnishings Stella Modern Metal Low Profile Thick Slats Support

This fashionable modern twin size metal platform bed frame adds stylish flair to any bedroom decor today. Everyone from young children to older adults find this bed frame comfortable and desirable. Designed for ultimate style and longevity, this bed can be a long-term investment for your home’s decor.

The white-coated finish of this frame will not rust and resists scratching and chipping. The sturdy steel frame and legs are structured to last while offering ultimate degrees of sleeping comfort and support. This frame is designed to provide even support for all areas of the body, and the mattress you select will not slide out of place of wobble during use.

This bed is popular for use in apartments, homes and loft living of all styles and layouts. Its dimensions equal: 76 x 39 x 9 inches, and it weighs 57 pounds.

This Metal Twin Bed Frame is has an Amazon Rating of 4.6 out of 5 Stars. It is very popular frame for Leesa.

Pros & Cons


  • This twin bed frame design of metal has strong wooden slats to give lasting support while enhancing comfort.
  • This bed frame’s height of 9 inches off the floor gives adequate space for good under-bed storage.
  • This bed frame has a pleasing style that will appeal to most buyers for many future years.


  • Some buyers have concerns about this bed frame’s wooden slats, thinking they may not last as long as the frame will last.

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Deluxe, Mattress Foundation

This specialized design, deluxe platform frame for twin beds offers a reinforced T-shape leg construction of metal. This bed is designed to support large size people who find many twin beds uncomfortable for getting restful sleep. This twin bed frame offers easy and fast assembling, and no tools are needed.

No box springs are required for this bed, and you can select the twin bed mattress of your choice to complete your new, stylish and relaxing bed. There is spacious vertical storage space of 13 inches under this bed, making it an excellent choice for small bedrooms and children’s rooms.

The dimensions of this product are: 75 x 39 x 14 inches, and it weighs only 20.3 pounds, a true featherweight champion of modern metal twin bed frame designs.

The Price of this Metal Twin Bed Frame has an Amazon Rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars. It is a very popular Casper bed frame and Purple frame.

Pros & Cons


  • This T-legged bed frame design is attractive and adds stability to the frame when in use.
  • This twin bed frame is designed to hold larger than average individuals and providing restful sleeping for them.
  • This bed is lightweight and easy to move, if needed.


  • Many buyers worry that this metal bed frame, although sturdy, weighs too little for long-term durability.

When shopping for a new stylish and practical metal twin bed frame, be sure to read the descriptions and specs carefully to ensure that you purchase the best bed frame to suit your preferences and needs. There are many stunning, stylish and durable designs on the consumer market today with just the right fashion, flair and functionality to appeal to one and all. Metal frames are very popular with Tuft and Needle, as budget shoppers are usually looking for a budget bed frame to go along with a budget mattress.

Whether you need new twin beds for your toddlers’ bedroom, for an older child, your teenage son or daughter, or for your guest room, you are sure to find what you need by viewing today’s fashionable styles. Bed frame designers today go to all lengths to satisfy the customer’s desires and needs.

There is something for everyone today in bed frame styles, and fortunately, you can easily purchase them in your local furniture outlets or stores, furniture boutiques at the local mall, or in online shopping marketplaces. Shop to your heart’s content, and everyone will soon enjoy a good night’s rest on a new twin bed frame in high style and leisurely luxury.

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